Friday, July 1, 2011

My First "Relay for Life" Walk to Fight cancer

 Friday, June 24, I participated in my first "Relay for Life" walk. My neighbor and friend Tom and I, put a team together to help raise money for the Amerian cancer Society.  We called our team, "The Foxgate cancer Fight Club" after our street name. Our  team consisted of family, friends and neighbors who all hope and believe there will be a cure for cancer in our life time.
I was diagnosed with non-small-cell lung carcinoma which is a less aggressive type of lung cancer. I was diagnosed in February 2004.
Tom was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme tumor, an aggressive form type of brain cancer. My friend was diagnosed in August 2004, just six months after me.
 Tom and I have supported eachother through the ups and downs of the cancer journey. Putting a relay team together to fight this disease brought us even closer. We both know that every day is gift from God and hope to continue to have long and happy lives.


  1. Wow.... you did an amazing job.... I hope you are well now.... keep the good work on!!

    I'm your friend from HubPages (in case you forgot)..!! :-)

  2. I knew right away that you were my friend and follower on Hubpages. It means a lot that you checked out my blog. I am doing great! I'm seven years cancer-free. I am one blessed woman as they gave me a 20% chance of making five years. WOO HOO! :-)