Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Littered Thoughts

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Her mind becomes littered
with refuse of fear

Whilst bottles of anguish
pour "what if" in her ear

This wasteland of mind
holds her tight in it's grip

In tumultuous waters
she's like a lost ship

As the clock ticks closer
to her judgement day

Her thoughts become scattered
her peace is at bay

Turn trash cans of waste
into trinkets of gold

As you face the messenger
stand tall, brave and bold

It's a test of your faith
to face what they say

When results are announced
it's good news, she'll pray


  1. smiles....nice...i like the jaunty little rhyme...it fits well with the mood of the piece...that feeling of fear you get....i have always said if i dont have butterflies when i take the stage or when i push PUBLISH i am probably not dancing close enough to the edge...smiles....a familiar feel...smiles

  2. The rhythm here is lovely - it carries the poem along so smoothly. I know the fear that comes with follow-up scans - in my case after a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage; the hope that everything is still as it should be, the relief when you learn that it is (I hope).

  3. Dear Brian
    I am so touched that you came by to read my first poem for dVerse Poets Pub. I appreciate you liked the symbology of the poem regarding litter/scattered thoughts/fear. I am a nine year cancer survivor and cat scans are so scary. You tend to worry and obsess about the what if's. In my case, it's all turned out great. This poem was inspired when they found a spot on the lung that had cancer. Thankfully, it was gone by this re scan. God is good. Thanks again Brian for supporting me as a new member of the poets club. You will see my twin sister on it now as I told her about it. She's really excited!

  4. Thank you 'rumoursofrhyme' for coming by my very first poem on 'dVerse Poets Pub. Thanks for sharing your experience when it comes to getting a follow-up scan. I am nine years cancer-free this St.Patrick's Day. I am so blessed!